For market research and political polling specialists, achieving precise data collection and analysis is essential. The Professional Services team caters specifically to the needs of these professionals, offering a wealth of benefits that not only optimise your research endeavors but also free you to focus on core research tasks leaving fieldwork to us. 

We can streamline your research operations and enhance data quality and give you the freedom to focus on strategy and interpretation. By enlisting our expertise, you can leverage the benefits of customisation, scalability, and cutting-edge technology to achieve your research goals efficiently and with unwavering precision. Whether you’re conducting political polls, analysing market trends, or shaping public policy, Enghouse Insights Professional Services can be a trusted ally in your specialised research journey. 

Let’s dive into the advantages of our Professional Services, particularly tailored to market research and political polling specialists.

Expert Insight for Specialised Research:

The Enghouse Insights team brings unparalleled knowledge of market research, political polling survey scripting, and running efficient projects. They can guide you in crafting surveys that deliver accurate and actionable results, ensuring that your research meets its objectives precisely. 

Custom-Tailored Solutions:

Every market research and political polling project is unique. Our Professional Services can adapt Enghouse Insights solutions to your specific needs, aligning with your industry’s or particular project’s intricacies. This customisation is a game-changer for specialists who demand research instruments finely tuned to their requirements.

Custom questions and gamification:

The Professional Services team offers invaluable support for incorporating custom questions and gamification elements in your surveys. We can help you craft tailored queries that precisely address your research objectives. Whether you require complex skip patterns, conditional logic, or specialized response options, our team ensures your survey captures the specific data you need.

Hands-Off Efficiency:

Enghouse Insights’ professional team can take the helm, allowing you to focus on strategy, analysis, and interpretation of results. We can manage the entire data collection process, from survey programming, fieldwork execution, to data reporting, so you can allocate your time and expertise where it matters most. 

Quality Assurance:

Data quality is the bedrock of credible research. Our team will ensure stringent quality control measures, safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of your data. This will save time and resources and guard the integrity of your findings. 

Scalable Solutions:

Whether you’re conducting a small regional market study, national political poll, or international multi-language survey, our Professional Services can adapt to your project’s scale. This scalability is invaluable for specialists whose research needs vary widely. We can be there, resource-wise, for you during busy times.

Advanced Technology Integration:

Enghouse Insights stays on the cutting edge of survey technology. The professional services team can help you leverage this technology effectively, integrating with other data systems and unlocking the full potential of survey features, giving you a competitive edge. 

Training and Ongoing Support:

The team provides comprehensive training and continuous support. Our experts are on hand to help with troubleshooting, data analysis, and report generation. You have a dedicated partner to rely on throughout your research projects. 


Investing in professional services leads to cost savings in the long run. By optimizing your research processes and ensuring data quality, you reduce the chances of costly errors, revisions, or data re-collection. Your budget benefits from this prudent investment. 

Seamless Transition and Software Migration:

The Professional Services team offers a significant advantage to those looking to switch from their existing software. Our experts ensure your data is securely and accurately transferred to their platform and provide extensive support throughout the switch. Our dedicated support makes the transition process efficient and hassle-free, allowing you to get up and running with your research projects on our platform in no time. 

Our Professional Services delivers tailored support for precise data collection and analysis, freeing specialists to focus on core tasks by streamlining operations, enhancing data quality, and leveraging cutting-edge technology for efficient research endeavors.