CATI call centers are crucial in gathering the insights that drive informed decision-making. At the heart of these operations lies the need for efficiency, precision, and the ability to adapt to changing communication habits and preferences. This is where our solution steps in as a powerful ally, offering you a range of benefits that can revolutionize the way CATI call centers conduct their surveys. Let’s dive into some of the key advantages that our platform brings to the table, enhancing data collection and improving the overall performance of your vital research hub. 

Streamlined Survey Administration:

Our platform simplifies the survey administration process, reducing the learning curve for interviewers and ensuring surveys are conducted efficiently, resulting in shorter call durations. 


Our software is designed to scale with the needs of CATI call centers, accommodating both small and large-scale research projects. You can easily scale up or down depending on the temporary requirements. 

Third-Party Integrations:

Enghouse Insights can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, such as POS, CRM, data analytics tools and even other survey platforms, enhancing the depth of research capabilities. 

Preventing Interviewer Burnout:

The repetitive nature of telephone interviewing can lead to interviewer burnout, which can result in decreased performance and high turnover rates. Our software helps to keep the interviewing process easy and user friendly. It allows the manager to stay in contact with an interviewer during the interview, giving them guidance, support and encouragement if needed. Interviewers can easily work from any location, which can bring more diversity and increase motivation. 

Reliable Customer Support and Professional Services:

We provide responsive customer support and assistance, helping CATI call centers make the most of the software’s capabilities, troubleshoot issues effectively or take over work in case of need. 

Preventing Declining Response Rates:

Getting people to answer and complete phone surveys has become increasingly challenging as more individuals use caller ID and screening services to avoid unsolicited calls. With our solution you can set up caller ID with local phone number prefixes, schedule calls and make appointments according to your respondents’ liking and offer them survey modes that meet their needs and preferences. 

Sample Representativeness:

With our powerful Sample Management feature, you ensure that the survey sample is representative of the population being studied, preventing non-response bias that can skew results. 

Customization and Flexibility:

Enghouse Insights allows for the creation of highly customized surveys, incorporating complex skip patterns, conditional logic, and tailored response options, ensuring that surveys align with specific research objectives. 

Cost and Efficiency:

CATI call centers must manage costs, including labor, technology, and data collection expenses, while striving to maintain efficiency and data quality. Enghouse Insights will help you to track key performance indicators to ensure you stay on top of things. 

Quality Control:

Enghouse Insights offers robust quality control features to listen-in to an interview, guide interviewers by “whispering” or allowing a manager to even join a call. You maintain data accuracy and integrity, reducing errors and improving the reliability of collected data. 

Multi-Mode Capability:

Our solution supports data collection via various channels, including telephone: live agent (CATI) and non-agent (IVR), as well as online. Of course, you can have a mixture of all channels, broadening the reach of research efforts and increasing the diversity of demographics. 

Removing Respondent Fatigue:

Keeping survey length reasonable is important to retain respondent engagement, that is why flexible survey design combined with 3rd party integrations allow for creation of SMART surveys, where respondents are asked only the required minimum. 

User-Friendly Interface:

Our intuitive interface and comprehensive training options ensure that scripters, interviewers, and research analysts can easily adapt to the software, reducing training time and improving efficiency. 

Incorporating multi-mode data collection strategies can lead to more efficient and effective research, allowing organizations to make better-informed decisions and derive more value from their data collection efforts.