Powerful enterprise-class insights platform enabling Web, Phone, and IVR data collection modes.

Survox is the all-in-one solution that empowers businesses and enables insights managers, market researchers, pollsters, BI specialists, and call center managers to thrive in an ever-evolving world of data-driven decision-making.

Valuable insights lie at the core of every successful organization. Survox powered by Enghouse Insights is here to revolutionize how you collect, analyze, and leverage data, focusing on multi-mode data collection..

Our team boasts over 80 years of combined experience delivering software solutions to the market research industry. With Enghouse’s cutting-edge technology, expertise, and resources, we bring you the most innovative and dependable choice on the market, simplifying your daily operations and boosting your profitability.

Sinds 1967 empowering market researchers and political pollsters to swiftly and accurately derive insights from precisely targeted respondents

Multi-Mode Data Collection:

In today’s dynamic landscape, relying on a single data collection method is no longer sufficient. Survox equips you with diverse data collection modes, ranging from agent telephone interviewing (CATI), non-agent automated telephone surveys (IVR), and online surveys to in-person interviews and beyond. By seamlessly blending these methods into a single data file, we ensure you gain a comprehensive view of your audience, unlocking insights beyond the surface level.

Online Surveys and Gamification:

Online surveys revolutionize data collection, offering scalable, cost-effective, and widely accessible tools for understanding diverse audiences. With our professional services team, we take it a step further, introducing gamification techniques to enhance respondent engagement and participation. Through interactive elements and game-like mechanics seamlessly integrated into surveys, our team helps you ensure an enjoyable survey experience, fostering higher levels of involvement and resulting in richer, more insightful data collection.

Advanced Analytics:

Our software provides cross-tab analysis as well as conjoint and Max-Diff data collection, supporting you in making informed decisions regarding product development, marketing strategies, and market segmentation. Cross-tabs facilitate rapid comparisons and segmentation analysis. Conjoint analysis unveils the relative importance of product attributes, aiding in market simulation. Max-Diff prioritizes features through trade-off decisions, mitigating response bias and enabling comparative analysis. Our solutions gather data in the relevant format, and the modeling process is best handled separately by experts.

Computer-Assisted Phone Interviews:

CATI research uses computer assistance for telephone interviews, guiding interviewers in managing questions and recording responses efficiently. It’s ideal for surveys with diverse groups, especially respondents who might be challenging to reach, such as business professionals, specialized demographics, clients, voters, healthcare professionals, and employees. CATI’s significance shines in ensuring a representative population sample for informed decision-making.

Respondent Management:

Sample management is the backbone of successful market research and is pivotal in reaching the right respondents at the right time. Our platform provides efficient sample management that involves building a careful and automated communication strategy to ensure the target audience is accurately reached. By employing our advanced sample management techniques, you can identify and filter out individuals who fit the specific criteria of contact, enabling the collection of high-quality, relevant data and leading to more informed decision-making and actionable insights for businesses.

Integrations and Customized Solutions:

At Enghouse Insights, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific goals and unique challenges, helping to tailor our solution to deliver the most impactful insights for your success. With Survox, you will streamline workflows, save time, and reduce manual errors, increasing productivity and operational efficiency. In a competitive market landscape, third-party integrations are a powerful tool to drive growth, deliver superior insights, and elevate your business.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

In IVR, respondents answer survey questions using a pre-recorded voice questionnaire and their telephone. This method offers cost-effectiveness and privacy, encouraging candid feedback. IVR surveys are accessible and flexible, allowing respondents to provide feedback at their convenience. With consistent question delivery, they ensure reliable data collection. Their scalability makes them ideal for large-scale samples. IVR can collect insights and distribute messages effectively.

Real-Time Insights:

Real-time quota tracking is of crucial importance in any market research project. By monitoring quotas in real-time, you can identify potential bias, gauge response rates, and make necessary adjustments on the fly to maintain a balanced and unbiased sample. This proactive approach allows you to prevent over or under-representing specific segments, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring the integrity of the insights gathered. Real-time quota tracking empowers us to stay agile, make data-driven decisions promptly, and deliver accurate and actionable findings to clients.

Professional Services:

Our Professional Services are designed to provide comprehensive support to market researchers. Whether you need assistance in research design, data collection, analysis, or implementing our integrated solutions, our team is dedicated to helping you at every step of your journey. We are here to ensure that your projects are executed seamlessly, on time, and with the utmost precision, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward.

Survox is your technology partner in deriving insights that empower decisions and inspire growth. Your vision, our tools. Contact us to hear how we can help you!