Proteus is an internationally recognized corporate application for analyzing communications systems, providing billing data, and identifying telecom fraud. It has been helping companies manage communications costs and system growth for four decades.

Proteus supports modern communication platforms like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other global telephony systems.

It is used widely within the corporate world and SMEs, with specialization within the financial trading market. Proteus is the only communications analysis application that combines trading platform and PBX data in one database for a 360° view of the organization’s communications.

Proteus consolidates all your telecom data across multiple sources into a centralized system offering multiple benefits:

360° Telecom Insights:

Proteus offers a panoramic view of an organization’s communication landscape. Combining telecom data from multiple sources in a centralized manner delivers an unparalleled understanding of communication patterns, preferences, and behaviors. Intuitive and interactive dashboards allow you to drill down to the tiniest details. This comprehensive view forms the foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Fraud Detection, Security and Compliance:

Proteus adheres to pertinent laws and regulations governing the telecommunications industry, financial institutions, and traders. It enables the swift identification of potential security threats across all telecom sources. This agile response mechanism is a frontline defense that prevents unauthorized access, supports encryption services, and protects sensitive information.

User Adoption and Capacity Planning:

Providing comprehensive insights into user adoption rates and resource utilization patterns enables businesses to make informed decisions regarding staffing levels, training initiatives, and resource allocation. Proteus can precisely track user engagement metrics, identify potential bottlenecks, and forecast future capacity needs. This functionality enhances operational efficiency, streamlines resource management, drives productivity, and maximizes ROI for our customers.

All Data at Your Fingertips:

Seamlessly merging telecom data from conventional telecom providers with modern collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Zoom guarantees the establishment of meticulous billing processes, ensures equitable cost allocation, and prevents fraud. Proteus offers a granular view of all communications dimensions, such as departments, projects, costs, carriers, abandoned call volumes, agent utilization, and much more.

Call Data Recording:

With the ability to record, store, and retrieve call data effortlessly, organizations can gain valuable insights into customer interactions, improve employee training, and resolve disputes effectively. Additionally, call data recording ensures regulatory compliance and provides a valuable quality assurance, risk management, and performance evaluation tool.

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

By effortlessly combining disparate data sources such as classical telecom providers and modern collaboration platforms Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, and beyond, Proteus ensures that your communication strategies remain future-proof. Its innate adaptability seamlessly integrates with emerging tools and platforms, empowering our customers’ businesses to stay agile and anticipate the trends on the horizon, always primed for what lies ahead.

Data Analysis and Visualisations:

Whether you’re seeking a macroscopic understanding or a microscopic examination of your data, our interactive data analysis and visualization tool is your gateway to informed decision-making and strategic planning. With an intuitive click-based interface, Proteus empowers you to construct customized queries that extract precise insights on costs, quality, usage, performance, user adaptation, and customer interactions.  That way you can plan capacity, analyze call usage, and easily ensure regulatory adherence.

Automated Alerts and Reports:

Proteus proactively alerts on patterns of usage of telecom users and departments. The solution monitors telecom activity, swiftly identifying potential instances of fraud like toll fraud and out-of-hours breakout calls, thereby preventing costly consequences. Automated alerts and reports are triggered seamlessly by leveraging a range of criteria such as cost, call volume, date and time, people and departments, call types, and destinations.

On-Premise and Cloud:

Proteus offers flexible deployment options, allowing customers to choose between on-premises and cloud implementations. Organizations can leverage the reliability and control of on-premises deployment or the scalability and accessibility of the cloud, depending on their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, for customers initially opting for on-premises deployment, transitioning to the cloud is effortless, with a smooth migration process that ensures minimal disruption and maximum flexibility.

Consolidating all your telecom data operating across multiple sources into a single, centralised system can lead to increased work efficiency and reduced costs, allowing organizations to make better-informed decisions and derive more value from optimized operations.