At our core, we are committed to supporting various industries in their market research endeavors. Whether you’re a CATI specialised call center, a technology firm or a retailer seeking to gauge market demand, or a government agency shaping public policies, our tailored solutions empower you with the data-driven intelligence needed to thrive. We recognize that every sector possesses unique challenges and opportunities, and our comprehensive approach ensures that your market research objectives are met effectively. 


CATI Call Center:

Enghouse Insights solutions facilitate streamlined survey administration, minimising the learning curve for interviewers and reducing the time required for each call. To keep data quality and accuracy at the highest level, our software provides robust quality control features and allows for customisation to fit the unique needs of your research projects. Integration capabilities with other systems, comprehensive analytics, and scalability to accommodate various research demands are also key differentiators of our system. Finally, the ability to switch between various interviewing modes, from CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) via online to IVR (Interactive Voice Response), while keeping data in a single file, is a huge benefit, bringing multiple benefit gains to your organisation.

Political polling and public opinion research:

Our software allows you to create polls and survey really fast and ensures real-time data delivery, which is crucial for swift response to dynamic political landscapes. We offer you advanced survey customisation options to cater to the specific needs of political polling, including complex question branching and multilingual capabilities. Additionally, the ability to conduct surveys via multiple channels, including agent and non-agent telephone, online ensures a broad reach to diverse audience providing sharp and accurate insights. With our advanced survey solutions, multi-channel data collection, real-time polling insights, data security, and expert support, you can gather accurate and actionable data to make informed decisions and drive your campaign's success.


Real-time data collection and reporting capabilities are essential for keeping up with ever-evolving market trends and consumer preferences. Our software provides you with actionable insights for decision-makers. We can integrate with your point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help you gather comprehensive data and improve customer experiences. Customisation features that enable tailored surveys and market segmentation are valuable for understanding specific customer demographics. The scalability of our solution will make it easy to adapt to the varying needs of your retail businesses. Whether you are a small boutique or large chain this is essential for long-term success.