Understanding the pulse of the electorate, gauging public sentiment, and making data-driven decisions are pivotal to shaping public policy and political strategy. Enghouse Insights offers a robust set of tools and services that can transform the way you gather and analyze data. With our advanced survey solutions, multi-channel data collection, real-time polling insights, data security, and expert support, you can gather accurate and actionable data to make informed decisions and drive your campaign’s success. Join the league of successful political pollsters and public opinion researchers who trust Enghouse Insights for their data collection and research needs.  

Let’s explore some of the key benefits that Enghouse Insights brings to the table, empowering you with collecting insights that drive meaningful change  

Easy and Fast IVR Programming:

Use Enghouse Insights programming for all your surveys, including IVR. The user interface ensures simplicity and efficiency. You can apply the same set of logic to a series of questions and easily and quickly modify the rules as needed. For example, you can program certain questions with the same unique instructions for specific respondent groups or questions. The programming of our Multi-Mode Platform is standardised to handle the researcher’s requirements across all modes.   

Outbound IVR:

Using our IVR for outbound communication allows campaigns to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently, ensuring that important messages are disseminated to potential voters in a timely manner. It enables campaigns to deliver personalised and targeted messages, tailoring content to specific demographics or geographic areas, thereby increasing relevance and engagement.   

Multiple Language Support:

Our software makes sure that surveys in any mode can be launched in all browser-supported languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish, German, etc.   

Political Ad Testing:

Leveraging our solution for ad testing and creative assessment can be a pivotal asset for securing election victories. Our software enables you to conduct targeted surveys and gather invaluable feedback on diverse ad formats, including radio ads and jingles, TV and video ads, as well as banners, posters, and online ads. Real-time analytics provide immediate insights into the effectiveness of each ad type, allowing consultants to fine-tune their strategies swiftly.   

Data Security and Compliance:

We understand the importance of data security and compliance in the realm of political polling and public opinion research. We adhere to the highest industry standards to safeguard your data.

Multi-Channel Data Collection:

Our software allows you to reach your target audience through multiple channels. Whether it’s telephone surveys, automated IVR calls, online panels, or mobile surveys, we ensure that you can connect with respondents across various platforms to reach a wider and more representative sample. This leads to more accurate and reliable results. 

Integrated Dialer:

Our data collection is fully integrated with the Dialer, which delivers multiple dialer management modes (IVR, predictive, power, manual), dual-stream recording (whole interview or start/stop), and inbound/outbound call blending.   

Real-Time Data Insights:

With our solution you stay on top of your campaign’s progress with timely insights. Instant access to the data you collect, allowing you to monitor response rates, track trends, and analyse results as they come in.   

Integrated Cross tabs:

Integrating cross tabs within our software presents a game-changing advantage for political consultants. This feature enables you to analyse survey data across multiple variables effortlessly, allowing for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of voter behaviour and preferences. Additionally, you can apply weighting to the data for a more accurate representation and conduct statical testing to discern significant trends, ensuring that campaign strategies are finely tuned to resonate with the diverse electorate.   

Inbound IVR:

Using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for inbound communication during political campaigns ensures that constituents can engage with the campaign at their convenience, whether it’s to seek information, provide feedback, or voice their concerns, effectively enhancing their overall experience.   

The Sound of Your Brand/Candidate:

Enghouse offers you audio branding services. In IVR projects it provides distinct benefits for political consultants. By incorporating a consistent audio identity, consultants can reinforce their campaign’s brand personality and values, creating immediate recognition among voters.   

Respondent Management & Targeting:

The solution allows the specialist to define and manage sample quotas, apply demographic filters, and target specific subgroups within the population accurately. This ensures that the collected data reflects the diversity and characteristics of the electorate.  

Do-It-Yourself or Professional Services:

Whether you’re a hands-on DIY enthusiast or prefer the support of our Professional Services, our PS team brings a wealth of benefits to your political consultancy or research projects. As a standalone tool, we offer an intuitive platform for conducting surveys and collecting valuable data independently.  

Incorporating multi-mode data collection strategies can lead to more efficient and effective research, allowing organizations to make better-informed decisions and derive more value from their data collection efforts.